Home Beautiful Pick of Shops

Thank you to Home Beautiful Magazine March 2017

Our gorgeous shop at Brunswick Heads is featured as No# 1 Shop.

The lovely writer Bronwyn McNulty summarized my work well

” In 2000 Amanda Coutts set off for Nepal, armed with love of the earth and a vision that led to the production of fair trade beaded sandals that supported the local women and spread the message

“Tread Lightly on this Earth, learn it’s lessons as you go, leave it as you found it if not better. God is Nature”

Amanda was ahead of her time, and her gorgeous boutique, which opened in 2009, continues to break the retail mould. ¬†Initially she created all the stock herself, but a look at her work-life balance last year prompted her to invite others to join, what is now¬†a creative commercial haven for artists.”