The Design Files

I was recently featured on the biggest design blog in Australia..pretty humbling for me..

 lounge plant and furs

It was truly amazing to experience the feeling of people allover the world appreciating what I have done to make a home out of our old stables.

See the Link Below to look at the full story and photos.

the Potter

renee the potter

I long worked out that to work in a collaboration and be supported by other artists was the only way Peace by Piece could keep a stocked shop and give customers an eclectic collection of functional beautiful things made in purity.

One of the mothers at our tiny 40 student country school was a potter.


I asked her if she would be happy to make some designs for the Brunswick Heads shop that were inspired by the area.

renees cup on shelves

Renee Jeffrey had been going to Brunswick Heads to holiday for years and knew the area so a range of designs were born.

hands on wheel

The Bikes and Dogs – a very common sight around our little fishing village


A park bench for Fish and Chips to be enjoyed.


Caravans and Pelicans and the Beach Tree are also very popular designs

Now we have bowls and Teapots to match


We started with a conservative 10 cup order – now we do big 30 cup deliveries when Renee can squeeze me in! She is working on a new collection  from finest porcelain so we look forward to seeing what comes.

Bangalow Birkin

My overnight bag is getting a good run

bangalow birkin

Hand stitched Kangaroo with a linen thread, canvas lining and a leather cord tie….super light but very strong..after two years it looks better…thats what we do at Peace by Piece..things that last and travel with you through your life.

bangalow birkin tied up

James Street Brisbane

On the Lions Full Moon we opened a second shop, this time in The City!…oooh!

we popped up in a day but will take our time to settle in
we popped up in a day but will take our time to settle in

49 James Street Fortitude Valley Brisbane

woks of earth and sand

I dug red soil from my hinterland home and nicked some sand off the beach at Brunswick Heads where Peace by Piece has its first shop.

Dont tell the Mayor!


I brought them to the new location with intent…to keep ourselves grounded in the earth and nature so we can stay connected with our  home and our goals…natural handmade…made to last…ethical, practical, beautiful things.

Winter Skin Jacket

New Zealand Shearling  made into the  perfect Jacket

peace-by-piece sheepskin jacket three photos

A labour of love it has taken years in the making.

To find the right skin and perfect the pattern so it moulds to your body.

full Second skin jacket unzipped

With Brass zips, double collar and waterproofing it will last a lifetime….literally.

second skin cuff

 For more information please contact us.

Kangaroo Thonging

Kangaroo Thonging no small text

We have lots of left over leather in the workshop.

When you cut out boots and shoes the patterns have weird shapes.

We use the offcuts to make small purses and pouches

kangaroo zip pouch

Or we make it into thonging that we can use our designs…

thonging full page 4 photos

And we sell this  for $3 per meter and dye it to your colours

dye and thread

Tread Lightly on this Earth. Learn it's lessons as you go. Leave it as you found it if not better. God is Nature.